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Giuseppe Gallo transforms Mecanoo’s projects into pattern posters

Netherlands Architecture News - Oct 7, 2015 - 10:24   6647 views

Library of Brimingham, Birmingham, UK

all images Giuseppe Gallo / courtesy of Mecanoo

Architecture patterns have always been a real communication and presentation tool for architects and graphic designers. Their power lies behind their colour, abstraction and artistic style to the reader's eye. The patterns always balance the interaction between the reality and the new way of looking to design with a new formats. Giuseppe Gallo, an architect turned graphic designer and in the current landscape one of the practices of Mecanoo- designed a series of nine posters to reflect on use of patterns as a tool in architecture. Gallo inspired by Mecanoo's recognizable projects, as their patterns are able to create emotion. These projects graphically redesigned and flattened within the new facade abstractions including: The Library of Birmingham – Birmingham, UK, Kaap Skil, Maritime and Beachcombers Museum – Texel, The netherlands, Rabat Agdal Train Station – Rabat, Morocco, La Llotja Theatre and Conference Centre - Lleida, Spain, Three Cultural centres & One Book Mall – Shenzhen, China, Home Arts Centre – Manchester, UK, Netherlands Open Air Museum – Arnhem, The netherlands, Hilton Amsterdam – Schiphol, The netherlands, Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building – Boston, Usa.

Kaap Skil, Maritime and Beachcombers Museum-Texel, The Netherlands

Giuseppe Gallo explains why he developed a serie of Poster about Pattern in Architecture: ''Graphic Design and Architecture are similar disciplines, they share, even with different purpose, a lot of approaches and instruments, one of these, able to create a connection between architecture and people, is pattern. Pattern is defined as a graphic scheme characterized by a repetitive structure, where  regularity of relationships created between  individual objects is perceived as a whole. Many objects in nature are defined by patterns, some are clear as felines skin, others are complex, such as  fractal geometry of  plants.'' 

Rabat Agdal Train Station – Rabat, Morocco

Gallo adds that ''in art as in architecture Pattern becomes a tool to communicate, create balance and generating aesthetic pleasure, this, according to studies of  Gombrich, lies generally in an intermediate position between the extremes consist of chaos and redundancy.Information theory defines redundancy such as the constant repetition of  a series of messages always equal or perfectly predictable, chaos as a succession of unpredictable  messages.''

''In the first case, once understood the communicative key,  message becomes devoid of interest and  receiver no longer poses attention to it, in the second one, when the sequence of messages has no recognizable rule,  the receiver cannot  locate any logical path and activates a psychological mechanism of denial,  communication vanishes.'' He assserts that ''established the extremes, we must define a balanced situation: high amount of information in a clear and recognizable logical  composition.''

 La Llotja Theatre and Conference Centre - Lleida, Spain

Gallo also stresses Mecanoo's projects as a new architecture space communicating with emotion and developing identity of places and social connection. Gallo released a first set of three posters then came in contact with  Mecanoo, which spotted them online. Then he decided to develop six more posters, for a total of nine, available for free. You can access / download nine posters from here.

Home Arts Centre – Manchester, UK

Netherlands Open Air Museum – Arnhem, The Netherlands

Three Cultural centres & One Book Mall – Shenzhen, China

Hilton Amsterdam – Schiphol, The Netherlands

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building – Boston, USA.