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The Smart Masonry is a complex geometry that deploys the digital optimization

Germany Architecture News - Aug 12, 2015 - 10:34   6673 views

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The Smart Masonry is a master-thesis project designed by Dmytro Zhuikov, Arina Agieieva from ZA Architects, the Smart Masonry is a structural design and a construction method, based on traditional masonry techniques. It deploys the digital optimization to minimize dead-weight of the skeleton and the robotic construction technique to assemble complex geometry.

The proposed method is linked to the purpose and place of the building- Makers Center in Berlin. The machinery , which used for the construction of the building, will be preserved as its a core and will drive its the main function. The structural concept represents one seamless mesh, instead of walls, columns, beams, etc. It is designed as a minimal surface,  whose stress-pattern is optimized and materialized as a load-bearing pattern.
The construction method mixes advantages of 3d printing and large prefabricated elements. The robotic construction station with robotic arm manipulators allows to build a complex geometry floor-by-floor. It is compact and labor-effective comparing to traditional methods, and fast comparing to 3d printing.
The discretization of the load-bearing skeleton is implemented with unique concrete elements, whose geometrical and material  properties are varied gradually regarding local structural demands. ‘‘Positive Casting’’ is a new resource-effective technique. It was elaborated in order to produce above mentioned unique elements.
Project Facts

Name: smart masonry

Status: Master Thesis Project DIA Hochschule Anhalt

Location: Berlin, Germany

Function: workshops, ateliers, gallery

Architectural design: Dmytro Zhuikov, Arina Agieieva

Advisors: Krassimir Krastev, Joris Fach

Book: issuu
Year: 2015