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How to participate

How to participate WA Awards Submissions WA Awards Winners

Current Cycle: 25th Cycle

Deadline: April 30, 2017

General Information and Changes to the WA Awards Competition

Running for over 20 Cycles, WA Awards is a well-established and recognised competition that gives its participants and winners, be it Architects or Students, a great opportunity to have their projects highlighted and recognised both among their peers and in the marketplace.

Given the International nature of World Architecture Community, participants from around the Globe and in particular from regions less covered by general or specialised media, get a chance to share and promote their projects, which would otherwise go unnoticed, while potentially initiating new and/or exciting questions/issues about Contemporary Architecture.

Awarding follows a very democratic procedure where all WA Jury members’ votes (for the 10) or World Architecture Community members’ ratings (for the 5) have equal weight and are effective in the final decision.

With the recent changes introduced in July 2015, WA Awards is now split into 3 categories: WA Designed Award, WA Realised Award and WA Student Award. This allows for better gauging for the WA Jury members and a fairer competition among participants and their projects (i.e. comparing apples with apples).

One of the most important changes is that, as opposed to the older competition where all uploaded projects were considered as participating to the WA Awards, in this new setup, participants must make a conscious decision and take action to participate to the competition. Please see the Participation Procedure below for more information.

Another important change, triggered by the introduction of the membership scheme to the completely re-redesigned World Architecture Community portal, is the participation to the competition being subject to particular conditions. More specifically and as described in the “Our Jury is ready, are you?” message sent on September 11th, 2015, Membership to World Architecture Community determines if and which categories participants can apply with regards to the WA Awards competition.

The table below lists the different options in a matrix format.


In this table, the green checks match the members who can participate to the different categories free-of-charge (with 1 project only by cycle), as part of their membership benefits. The blue checks match the categories in which members may participate, subject to a fee ($100 for WA Designed Award and $200 for WA Realised Award, per project and per cycle). Finally the red crosses represent the combinations that do not allow participation. Example: Academic Members may apply to the WA Student Award free-of-charge, to the WA Designed Award with a $100 fee and may not apply to the WA Realised Award.

Participation Criteria

All projects are welcome, be it a study, concept or a real built project (maximum within the last 10 years). However, interior design or landscaping projects may not participate to the WA Awards competition and will be automatically disqualified without notice or refund if a fee was paid to participate.

Architects and Students from all countries are welcome to join the competition; there are no restrictions of any sort except that of being a registered member of the World Architecture Community (registration to WAC is completely free-of-charge). Projects must be submitted latest by the deadline specified in the Timetable section below to be eligible for the current cycle.

Please note that World Architecture Community may not be responsible for tracking the ownership of projects uploaded to the World Architecture Community website. Therefore, WA Awards is based on trust and honesty.

Evaluation Criteria

NOVELTY, ORIGINALITY and CREATIVITY in design that reflect and inspire a commitment to the art of architecture are the major criteria. World Architecture Community tries to bridge the gap between theory and practice; thus the architect’s explanations and member’s discussions on submissions will be critical for recognition as much as the design itself.

Timetable & Calendar

The timetable for our 3 cycles per year is identical between cycles. The first three months as of the announcement of the new cycle, you are welcome to upload and submit your projects for WA Awards consideration. The fourth month of the cycle will be for the WA Jury to evaluate and vote (the first 10 of the 10+5+X). In the meantime, during the entire 4 months, World Architecture Community members may rate the projects that were submitted for WA Awards consideration and at the end of the cycle, once the 4 months are passed, the 5 most rated projects by World Architecture Community members would form the second 5 of the 10+5+X. Within the same time, the WA Jury may also chose some projects as the “X” part of the 10+5+X. WA Awards Winners announcements will be made during the first half of the 5th month. Below is a timeline visual to better understand the timing: 


The target annual calendar is as follows, although from time to time, this setup may slip to accomodate the number of participants to allow a fair selection. Therefore the dates below are just an indication and do not represent a contractually binding calendar:

  • The 3 annual cycles will start on January 1st, May 1st and September 1st every year.
  • These cycles deadlines will be end on the last day of March, July and November, respectively.
  • Finally the winners will be announced around May 15th, September 15th and January 15th, respectively.


Participation Procedure

As stated in the Participation Criteria section, participants must be registered members of World Architecture Community to be able to upload and submit their projects for WA Awards. If they are registered members, participants can follow the following steps to participate to the WA Awards competition:

  1. Please check if you are signed in to the World Architecture Community portal, by checking the colour of the “lock” icon on the top right menu bar. If you are successfully signed in, the “lock” icon should be green. If the “lock” icon is grey, you are not signed in to the portal and must fist sign in to the portal by clicking the “lock” icon and filling your Username or Email, Password and clicking the Sign In button.
  2. Once you are signed in properly, you will upload your project through the "My Settings” page that can be accessed by clicking the green “lock” icon on the top right menu and by choosing “My Settings”. On the My Settings page, you will select “My Projects” on the top menu.
  3. Please click the “Upload Projects” button and fill-in the information as completely as possible, to increase your chances of winning a WA Award.
  4. Please note that you must fill the “Project Type” field correctly as it will determine the category in which your project will be submitted to the WA Awards, if you chose to participate – your options there are as per the Awards categories, i.e. Designed, Realised and Student. Although by default, for Academic Members, this value should be Student, Academic members who wish to participate to the WA Designed Award or WA Realised Award competition category (subject to a fee), may choose those instead instead of Student. Associate or Professional members may not choose Student as Project Type.
  5. After filling the different fields of the Upload Projects form, you will move on to upload the visuals for your project at the bottom of the Upload Your Projects page. Please note that the quality of the visuals (photos, renderings, plans, etc.) and the completeness of the description of your project will be crucial to get the WA Jury’s and World Architecture Community members attention, and therefore for your chances to win an award.
  6. With the recent re-design of the World Architecture Community portal, we allow for higher resolution photos and larger file sizes for a better visual experience on the project pages. For your visuals, we recommend:
    • Landscape (or horizontal) rather than portrait (or vertical) visuals.
    • Minimum of 800px (pixels) width – lower width visuals will be rejected when you try to upload your visuals; ideal width is around 1280px.
    • Resolution of your visuals must be between 72-300px/inch.
    • Although both JPEG and PNG formats are supported, PNG should be preferred over JPEG format for better image quality. We no longer support BMP or GIF formats for their inefficient size vs quality ratio.
    • Max. 2Mb file size per visual – larger ones will be rejected.
    • Max. 20 visuals per project – the system will not allow for more.
  7. Once your project information is complete and the visuals are uploaded, please make sure to click Submit to save your project.
  8. After your successful upload, you will be redirected to the My Projects page. On this page, you will locate the project you want to submit to the WA Awards and click “Edit” on the project. On the “Edit Your Project” page, you will click the "Participate to WA Awards" button to submit your project to the WA Awards.
  9. VERY IMPORTANT: For all participants, regardless of their membership or the category in which they submit their project to the WA Awards, once they confirm their submission to the WA Awards, the project can no longer be retracted or edited until the WA Awards Cycle is complete – it will remain locked as was at the moment of submission. We therefore recommend you make sure your project information and visuals are complete before submitting as there will be no turning back after the submission is completed.
  10. If you are a Professional member participant, you are allowed to submit one Designed OR Realised project by cycle free-of-charge, as part of your membership benefits. You will simply have to confirm the particular project for the current cycle and you will be done.
  11. If you are an Academic member participant, you are allowed to submit one Student project by cycle free-of-charge, as part of your membership benefits. You will simply have to confirm the particular project for the current cycle and will be done.
  12. If you are an Associate member participant, your participation to the WA Awards is subject to the fees described in the “General Information and Changes to the WA Awards Competition” section at the top of this page. You will have an extra step in the process whereby you will be re-directed to the payment options pop-up where you will choose between a PayPal payment and entering a “Free Pass” code (if you won in a previous WA Award Cycle as an Associate member participant). If you have a “Free Pass” code and it is validated, you will be done. If not, you will be guided to the PayPal website to complete your payment and then you will be done. If you wish to participate with more than one project, you will repeat this process.
  13. If you are a Professional or Academic member and wish to submit more than the one project, you are entitled to as part of your membership within the same cycle, you may do so, subject to a fee as described in the “General Information and Changes to the WA Awards Competition” section at the top of this page. You will be guided to the PayPal website to complete your payment and then you will be done. This is applicable for each additional single project within a cycle, and for more than one additional project, you will repeat this process.