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Expo 2001 Almere

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Enric Miralles


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Christian De Portzamparc


National Heritage Museum

Francine Houben


Mahler 4 Office Tower

Rafael Vinoly


Library for The Delft University of Technology

Francine Houben


De Silodam (2002)

Winy Maas


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A.S. Folkers


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St Joseph Court

Francine Houben


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EFFEKT designs ReGreen Villages that create new sustainable eco-system for food and energy production

WA Contents • May 24, 2016 • 651

EFFEKT designed new sustainable homes for local communities in Almere, Netherlands, which yields organic food production and energy for self-sustaining urban eco-communities 'ReGen Villages.' ReGen Villages is a tech-integrated real estate development company with the purpose of answering some of the world’s most pressing global challenges – social, financial and above all environmental. ReGen Villages is engineering and facilitating the development of off-gr (...)

MVRDV’s ’Giant Stairs’ opened in Rotterdam celebrating 75 year post-war reconstruction

WA Contents • May 17, 2016 • 964

The construction references the reconstruction of the city.The Stairs designed by MVRDV opened by the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb yesterday. The giant structure commemorates 75 years of the reconstruction of Rotterdam. 180 steps leading up from the Stationsplein, outside Rotterdam Central Station, have begun taking visitors up to the rooftop of the Groot Handelsgebouw, an iconic building in the history of the post-war reconstruction of the city. In its first day, The Stair (...)

MVRDV’s Cultural Cluster In Zaanstad Gets Green Light To The Next Stage Of Design

WA Contents • May 04, 2016 • 568

MVRDV’s design for the Cultural Cluster in Zaandstad has been given the green light by the municipality, allowing the project to push forwards into the next stage of design, according to the announcement of MVRDV. The building, having completed the preliminary design phase, is now at a point where the programme and aesthetics of the building have been determined. The project hopes to begin construction at the end of 2017 and spend two years in the process.The Cultural Cluster sits nex (...)

Call For Submissions MONU #25: Independent Urbanism

WA Contents • May 03, 2016 • 526

MONU Magazine calls for new submissions for its new issue called 'Independent Urbanism'. Although the idea that the nation-state as the exclusive agent of connections and relations between political communities is increasingly considered obsolete, the world has witnessed the emergence of more than 30 new countries over the last 3 decades. Especially the fundamental changes in world politics that unfolded across Europe at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s - most emblematically symboliz (...)

KAAN Architecten designs new Tilburg University building

WA Contents • April 29, 2016 • 1683

Main entrance of Tilburg University BuildingKAAN Architecten and VORM will be building a large new campus building at the University of Tilburg. With the Education and Self-Study Centre (OZC), comprising a floor area of 11,000 square meters, the university aims to provide better facilities for students and therefore further increase the quality of education. Works will be complete by the autumn of 2017. The design of the OZC by KAAN Architecten has a square shape and is relatively low, like (...)

KAAN Architecten completed the Supreme Court of the Netherlands

WA Contents • April 22, 2016 • 3677

Rotterdam-based architectural firm KAAN Architecten completed the Supreme Court of the Netherlands in the Hague, which is located along the Korte Voorhout and adjacent to Malieveld park. The designed is differentiated from its functional, hard and ethereal, rough and refined design, and introduced as the new home of the highest court in the Netherlands exhibiting a tight relationship between openness and security.The project was initiated in 2011, and in f (...)

SHL Architects officially opened the new International Criminal Court Permanent Premises in The Hague

WA Contents • April 21, 2016 • 709

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects (SHL) officially opened the new International Criminal Court Permanent Premises in The Hague, The Netherlands. Yesterday, a prestigious ceremony marked the official inauguration of the new International Criminal Court Permanent Premises in The Hague, where the new building was addressed as the “Peace Palace of the 21st century”.HM King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands opened the new court and office building during the official (...)

MVRDV complete fully-glazed facade ’Crystal Houses’ in Amsterdam

WA Contents • April 20, 2016 • 2548

Glass bricks were developed for a flagship store in Amsterdam.MVRDV complete Crystal Houses Amsterdam, a flagship store with a replica façade made entirely out of glass. Crystal Houses opened its glass doors yesterday, a visionary exploration into reimagining the possible uses of glass in construction. The project, conceptualised by MVRDV, was developed and constructed as part of a multi-team collaboration including Gietermans & Van Dijk Architects, Delft University of Techn (...)

MONU #24 On Domestic Urbanism Released

WA Contents • April 19, 2016 • 469

MONU Magazine released its new issue on Domestic Urbanism. What happens in domestic interiors appears to be very relevant for our societies. At least, that is what Andrés Jaque argues in our interview entitled "The Home as Political Arena" for this new issue of MONU.This issue, "Domestic Urbanism", deals with the domestic aspects of cities, and everything that is related to the human home and habitat, the scale of the house, people (...)

MVRDV updates its organisation and appoints five new partners

WA Contents • April 13, 2016 • 747

Yesterday the founding partners of MVRDV, Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries, announced an update of the management structure to accommodate the growth and optimise the efficiency of the globally operating architecture and urbanism practice. The now 140 staff office with subsidiaries in Shanghai and Paris will be subdivided into eight departments, five new partners commit themselves to the office to nurture intellectual and creative continuity, organisational growth and stabili (...)

Rotterdam is celebrating 75 years of Reconstruction with this giant stairs with 180 steps

WA Contents • April 07, 2016 • 1648

The Stairs, celebrating 75 years of Rotterdam's reconstruction.MVRDV called 'The Stairs' as 'a red carpet to the reconstruction of the city' in their website. From mid-May to mid-June, Rotterdam gets a temporary new eye-catcher: a giant stairs with 180 steps from Stationsplein, right in front of Groot Handelsgebouw. The scaffolding system is a nod to 75 years of rebuilding the city, which is celebrated this year with the cultural event Rotterdam celebrates (...)

Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects wins competition to design a new educational facility in Netherlands

WA Contents • March 30, 2016 • 1531

Utrecht University College street viewSchmidt Hammer Lassen Architects wins competition to design a new educational facility at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, The Netherlands. Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is part of the winning SPARK consortium to design the new 22,310 m2 educational facility for the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the Netherlands. The new building will house seven institutes as well as university facilities.Utrecht University College ae (...)

’Architects always do more’ says Nathalie de Vries, founder of MVRDV

WA Contents • March 05, 2016 • 1544

Nathalie de Vries, founding director of MVRDV. image © Ineke OostveenLast february 28 an interview with Nathalie de Vries, founding director of MVRDV, was published on the Dutch Architectenweb. In the interview, consisting of two parts, Nathalie talks about the transition of the architecture industry and her work as chairman of the BNA.Due to the crisis, the field of architecture is experiencing some changes all firms need to adapt to. Offices are increasingly cooperating and (...)

OASE #95 Crossing Boundaries - Transcultural Practices in Architecture and Urbanism Now Available!

WA Contents • February 15, 2016 • 632

image © OASENow available: OASE #95 Crossing Boundaries - Transcultural Practices in Architecture and UrbanismOASE 95 takes as its point of departure the cross-cultural conditions in which architects, urban designers and landscape architects work. It focuses in particular on architects working in a condition of displacement – in other words in relation to cultures, far away or nearby, that are not their own. The issue wants to contribute to the contemporary debate on the effects of gl (...)

AMO graphically reinterprets the 2016 SS Prada Real Fantasies

WA Contents • February 05, 2016 • 1213

image © OMA, PradaWatch AMO's 2016 SS Prada Real FantasiesThe language of fashion regenerates itself through art and architecture- AMO, is a research branch of OMA, graphically reinterprets the Indefinite Hangar as a synthetic sunset fixed within a 3 dimensional blank space for the 2016 Spring/Summer Prada Real Fantasies. The abstract hangar is populated with geometric objects and furniture. Models move through a neutral scene between the undefined and distilled frag (...)

Construction Begins On Infrastructure For Almere Floriade 2022

WA Contents • January 26, 2016 • 1203

image © MVRDVConstruction has begun on the infrastructure for MVRDV’s masterplan for the Almere Floriade 2022. The extensive plan involves major road restructuring and the implementation of new public transport routes, as well as the construction of several overpasses to improve connections within the area.The new developments, which have now broken ground, form the base for MVRDV’s overall vision for the Floriade, which includes a 45 hectare city extension which will have (...)

Good design is criticized: Look at the many definitions of quality

WA Contents • January 18, 2016 • 877

Sensory Deprivation Skull chair by Atelier Van Lieshout, 2007. image © Atelier Van Lieshout.Good design,” once said Dieter Rams, “is as little design as possible.” Easy. Problem solved.  The German designer’s work for Braun stripped away the superfluous and brought Bauhaus ideas into the media age. It ultimately inspired the iPhone — a smooth, enigmatic tablet that appeared in our hands like the black monolith appeared to the apes in Standle (...)

This white bus drivers building cares about drivers’ privacy installed at Amsterdam Central

WA Contents • January 04, 2016 • 937

all images © Jannes LindersBenthem Crouwel Architects designed a striking white bus drivers building on the bus station at Amsterdam Central houses a workspace, pantry and a canteen for bus drivers on the first floor. Because the canteen is located on this higher level the drivers have a lot of privacy, with 180 degree views of the bus platform, the river IJ and Amsterdam North. On the ground floor there is space for storage, a technical area and toilets. The bus drivers buil (...)