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French architect Odile Decq will give a lecture at CEPT University on November 9, 2016

WA Contents • November 07, 2016 • 841

As part of the FA Lecture Series of CEPT University, Faculty of Architecture is organizing a lecture on "Architecture Thinking” by Odile Decq-the lecture will be held on Wednesday, 9th November 2016 at Auditorium, CEPT University.Odile Decq is a French architect and landscape designer. International renown came in 1990, with her first major commission: La Banque Populaire de l’Ouest in Rennes. Since then, Odile Decq has been faithful to her fighting attitude while diversify (...)

India celebrates its first Global Architecture Event with Delhi Architecture Festival 2016

WA Contents • November 02, 2016 • 1587

Delhi Architecture Festival 2016 is a two months long event with studio talks spanning across the city starting from October 2016 to architectural exhibition and seminars in January 2017. It is the first in the series of Architectural Festivals planned to be conducted across India culminating at a grand event of India Architecture Festival. The main motive of Delhi Architecture Festival is to act as a platform for exhibiting the purity of Indian architecture to the common public and to (...)

NUDES created a dynamic black skin for BAD Cafe in Mumbai made of 25,992 black cylindrical conduits

WA Contents • October 05, 2016 • 1287

Mumbai's new Bad Cafe designed by NUDES architecture firm created an undulating black skin, made up of 25,992 recycled pvc electrical conduits. Situated in a historical village settlement in Bandra West in Mumbai -which has morphed in recent times due to socio-economic pressures and increasingly high land costs- the project is accessible by foot and cycle from parking zones in close proximity. NUDES inspired by human skin and sees it as an anatomical barrier in (...)

BIM for Fire Engineering; Delivering Safe & Cost-Effective Building Projects

True CADD • September 13, 2016 • 77

Fire engineering is a unique discipline within the construction industry that has its own language, design goals and analytical approaches. Using sophisticated and intensely accurate tools is becoming more important as sharing the building related data has gained serious consideration within the fraternity.Though, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been widely adopted in Fire engineering sector, the bitter reality is most of the BIM- related activities are still fixated on stand-alone, con (...)

Hiring CAD Partner Benefits Retail Display & Store Fixture Manufacturers

cad drafting • September 08, 2016 • 85

The retail display and store fixture market in US is in declining stage, as its contribution in the GDP is gradually reducing, reveals a recent report from IBIS World. The preset limiting market conditions for retail store fixture manufacturers in US is primarily because the retail landscape is shifting from specialty retail stores towards department stores and mass merchandisers. The stiffened competition in retail market also requires product manufacturers to provide flexible fixture designs a (...)

Role of Architectural Design in Building Healthcare Facilities of the Future

Hiral Patel • September 08, 2016 • 84

Over the past few years, design has become more than just about aesthetics. Design is now actively considered to be an effective tool for problem solving. In the aftermath of the recent mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, the architectural community has been abuzz with discussion on whether architecture can help increase safety in such situations, and how? The origins of this discussion though, can be traced to the 2016 Venice Biennale curated by Pritzker Prize winner Aleja (...)

Book Review: Modern Regionalism: The Architecture of Sarbjit Bahga

WA Contents • September 05, 2016 • 3182

Review by Sarbjit BahgaNew publication has been released by Indian architect Sarbjit Bahga, called Modern Regionalism: The Architecture of Sarbjit Bahga is a monograph on the selected works of the architect. He has more than three-and-a-half decades of practical experience in designing  of various types of buildings, complexes and large campuses. His completed works include an eclectic and impressive range of administrative, recreational, educational, medical, residential, commercial and ag (...)

Carlo Ratti Associati proposes new types of vernacular houses in the Indian Himalayas

WA Contents • August 31, 2016 • 4071

Carlo Ratti Associati designs a digitally connected retreat in the Indian Himalayas that aims to promote more sustainable tourism patterns. The project stems from a collaborative, iterative design process with the local community. International design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati, in collaboration with Turin-based architect Michele Bonino and a team of over 20 professionals, have led the design of Pankhasari Retreat, a connected venue for co- living and co-working in the (...)

Cadence folds KMYF Health Clinic white facade with masonry techniques adjacent to Indian Temple

WA Contents • August 04, 2016 • 4511

Indian architecture firm Cadence Architects has created a folded white shell facade dressed for a Health Clinic in the city of Bangalore, India. Called KMYF, the project sits in an area measured by 60ftx40ft and placed adjacent to an ancient South Indian Temple which was revered by the neighborhood for both its architectural presence and religious value. The basic requirement for the design was to create a 30-bed dialysis centre. The context points out atypical concept of a generi (...)

Chase Your Dreams with Cordia Business School in Punjab

Sunil Goyal • July 25, 2016 • 152

Sanghol, Punjab 25th July 2016: The Cordia Business school is one of the most known and established "integrated MBA school in Punjab", India since 2007.The mission of the institution is to transform the undergrads into qualified managers having global competencies. The b-school boasts of having one of the best infrastructure including a lovely campus, qualified faculty members, best placement cell. The school is affiliated to Punjab University which is declared as a Grade-A university by the NAA (...)

5 Best SEO Tools to examine Your Website on Similar Grounds as Google Does

Vipra Business • July 19, 2016 • 154

Ever since our childhood we have been thinking how our teacher must be examining our exam sheet. Now those who are having their own business and looking out for an option of finding out a great deal in order to make out the way our site has been analysed by Google or any other search engine are also sailing on the same boat again. This is the most important part here as if you come to know the way Google analyze or crawls over your site and ranks it accordingly you will be in much better positio (...)

Significance of Branded Query Optimization for SEO

Vipra Business • July 18, 2016 • 198

SEO mainly focuses on how to attract traffic on the site through various means or strategies. Many SEO’s has one indistinct responsibility: to set up an SEO program and achieve good results. They jump right in and start with spewing out SEO audits, rewriting title tags, offering up link suggestions, rewriting URLs and so on. But they ignore one of the most important task of SEO which focuses on branded queries. Branded queries are such an important part of search engine optimization, imple (...)

Significance of Future BIM Implementation for Qatar Infrastructure Projects

Hi-Tech BIM Services • July 18, 2016 • 160

Qatar, member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, benefits from common market with other Gulf States. It is a peninsula with a meager area of 4,416 square miles, but preparing to welcome an influx of around 400,000 fans during the FIFA World Cup in 2022, enhancing government’s focus on infrastructure and residential construction – making the outlook for building construction industry really favorable.The Qatari government already has and is planning to invest considerably in developing (...)

Characteristic intriguing Your Jewelry accept 3D-CAD automation.

Tahir Malek • July 12, 2016 • 137

For years customized jewellery has been created victimization recent world techniques geological dating as way back because the 1800's. till recently, virtually all-custom designed jewellery was created victimization these ways. The introduction of pc assisted  style (CAD) and pc assisted  producing (CAM) has modified all that and in it's wake ushered in a very whole new universe of prospects. styles that were ne'er thought doable may be created to the very best quality (...)

The Brighter and Darker Sides of SEO Company

Vipra Business • June 30, 2016 • 254

In this world where internet has also become a basic necessity like food cloth and shelter SEO companies plays a very important role as they are the one that helps to enhance the business through giving data to search engine and they are beneficial more to the local businesses by helping them in the budding stage and spread them worldwide. SEO firms provide many services.Such SEO companies are a boon not only for big search engines by providing with the data but also to the local people who don& (...)

Book Review: Modern Architecture in India (1947-1993) by Sarbjit Singh Bahga

WA Contents • June 28, 2016 • 3833

The book, Modern Architecture in India (1947-1993) written by Sarbjit Bahga, Surinder Bahga and Yashinder Bahga, reviewed by Sarbjit Singh Bahga, who is a member of WA and received many WA Awards in previous cycles. The book released in 2015 and focuses on Indian architecture between 1947-1993 years in four chapters. India, the largest developing country in the world, is endowed with a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Copious works have been written on its ancient art and (...)

Architecture Walkthrough, Virtual Tour for Commercial-Residential Building in Egypt

Yantram Studio • May 23, 2016 • 135

We build Architecture Walkthrough, Interactive Virtual Tour for Commercial and Residential Building in total 11 Acres for ASGHAR DARNA, EGYPT.It Covers Medical center Mosque, Parking areas, Luxurious building, Club house, Nursery and kids area, Swimming pool, Gym.Yantram Animation Studio provide best 3d walkthrough animation, 3D Virtual Tour, 3D Flythrough and 3d animation walkthrough services for residential, commercial & industrial property.For more info visit us @ http://www.yantrams (...)

Exclusive: Balkrishna Doshi Unveils the Details of the Revitalisation of Bhadra Fort

WA Contents • May 02, 2016 • 1589

Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, is the principal of Sangath, regrouping Vastu Shilpa Consultants and Vastu Shilpa Foundation, unveils details of the redevelopment plan of Bhadra Precinct, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The project started in 2011 and completed November 2014 in collaboration with different public, private and independent organisations such as the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and the Archeological Survey of India, Vastu Shilpa Foundation for Studies and Research in (...)

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